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BiBTeX citation export for MOOFAV10: Completion of FRIB Superconducting Linac and Phased Beam Commissioning

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  url          = {https://jacow.org/srf2021/papers/moofav10.pdf},
  abstract     = {{The Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) is an ac-celerator-based facility funded by the US Department of Energy for nuclear physics research. FRIB is nearing the end of technical construction, with first user beams ex-pected in Summer 2022. Key features are the delivery of a variety of rare isotopes with a beam energy of ’ 200 MeV/u and a beam power of up to 400 kW. The facility is upgradable to 400 MeV/u and multi-user capability. The FRIB driver linac consists of 324 superconducting resonators and 69 superconducting solenoids in 46 cry-omodules. FRIB is the first linac to deploy a large number of HWRs (220) and the first heavy ion linac to operate at 2 K. We report on the completion of production and in-stallation of the FRIB cryomodules and phased beam commissioning results.}},