Author: Pichoff, N.
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WEOCAV06 Saraf-Phase 2 Low-Beta and High-Beta Superconducting Cavities Qualification 703
  • G. Ferrand, G. Jullien, S. Ladegaillerie, N. Misiara, N. Pichoff, C. Servouin
    CEA-IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • M. Baudrier, E. Fayette, L. Maurice
    CEA-DRF-IRFU, France
  • A. Navitski, L. Zweibaeumer
    RI Research Instruments GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
  CEA is committed to delivering a Medium Energy Beam Transfer line and a superconducting linac (SCL) for SARAF accelerator in order to accelerate 5 mA beam of either protons from 1.3 MeV to 35 MeV or deuterons from 2.6 MeV to 40 MeV. The SCL consists in four cryomodules. The first two identical cryomodules host 6 half-wave resonator (HWR) low beta cavities (β= 0.09) at 176 MHz. The last two identical cryomodules will host 7 HWR high-beta cavities (β = 0.18) at 176 MHz. The low-beta prototypes was qualified in 2019. Low-beta series manufacturing is on-going. The high-beta prototype was first tested in 2019 but failed. A new prototype was tested in the end of 2020. This contribution will present the results of the tests for low- and high-beta SARAF cavities, series and prototypes.  
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