Author: Sheikhzada, A.
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Dynamic Penetration Field of Vortices in a Superconductor Under RF Magnetic Field  
  • A. Sheikhzada, A.V. Gurevich
    ODU, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  Funding: This work was supported by DOE under grant No. DE-SC0010081.
We address the nonlinear dynamics of penetration of vortices in a superconductor subject to a periodic magnetic field H(t)=H0\sinω t parallel to the surface. The time-dependent Ginzburg-Landau equations for a gapped superconductor were simulated numerically to calculate the frequency and temperature dependencies of the field onset Hp(T,ω) of vortex penetration at T≈ Tc. It is shown that Hp(T,ω) can exceed the dc superheating field Hs at which the Meissner state becomes unstable. Here Hp(T,ω) increases with ω and approaches {2}Hs(T) at ωτ≥ 1, where τ(T) is the energy relaxation time of quasiparticles on phonons. We also investigated the effect of surface topographic defects on Hp(T,ω) and showed that they can substantially reduce Hp(T,ω) and cause additional power dissipation. Ultimately, we draw conclusions by comparing the results of our calculations with recent experimental measurements.
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