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BiBTeX citation export for SUPTEV008: CW Operation of Conduction-Cooled Nb₃Sn SRF Cavity

  author       = {N.A. Stilin and A.T. Holic and M. Liepe and R.D. Porter and J. Sears and Z. Sun},
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% booktitle    = {Proc. 20th International Conference on RF Superconductivity (SRF'21)},
  pages        = {133--136},
  eid          = {SUPTEV008},
  language     = {english},
  keywords     = {cavity, SRF, operation, cryomodule, radio-frequency},
  venue        = {East Lansing, MI, USA},
  series       = {International Conference on RF Superconductivity},
  number       = {20},
  publisher    = {JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland},
  month        = {10},
  year         = {2022},
  issn         = {2673-5504},
  isbn         = {978-3-95450-233-2},
  doi          = {10.18429/JACoW-SRF2021-SUPTEV008},
  url          = {https://jacow.org/srf2021/papers/suptev008.pdf},
  abstract     = {{Significant progress in the performance of SRF cavities coated with Nb₃Sn films during the last few years has provided an energy efficient alternative to traditional Nb cavities, thereby initiating a fundamental shift in SRF technology. These Nb₃Sn cavities can operate at significantly higher temperatures than Nb cavities while simultaneously requiring less cooling power. This allows for the use of new cryogenic cooling schemes based on conduction cooling with robust, commercialized turn-key style cryocoolers. Cornell University has developed and tested a 2.6 GHz Nb₃Sn cavity assembly which utilizes such cooling methods. These tests have demonstrated stable RF operation at 10 MV/m with measured thermal dynamics which match numerical simulations. These results also serve as a foundation for designing a new standalone SRF cryomodule which will use a pair of cryocoolers to cool a 1.3 GHz Nb₃Sn cavity with an input coupler capable of supporting high beam current operation.}},