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BiBTeX citation export for THPFDV005: Superconducting RF Performance of Cornell 500 MHz N-Doped B-Cell SRF Cavitiy

  author       = {M. Ge and T. Gruber and A.T. Holic and M. Liepe and J. Sears},
  title        = {{Superconducting RF Performance of Cornell 500 MHz N-Doped B-Cell SRF Cavitiy}},
  booktitle    = {Proc. SRF'21},
% booktitle    = {Proc. 20th International Conference on RF Superconductivity (SRF'21)},
  pages        = {764--767},
  eid          = {THPFDV005},
  language     = {english},
  keywords     = {cavity, SRF, vacuum, cryomodule, niobium},
  venue        = {East Lansing, MI, USA},
  series       = {International Conference on RF Superconductivity},
  number       = {20},
  publisher    = {JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland},
  month        = {10},
  year         = {2022},
  issn         = {2673-5504},
  isbn         = {978-3-95450-233-2},
  doi          = {10.18429/JACoW-SRF2021-THPFDV005},
  url          = {https://jacow.org/srf2021/papers/thpfdv005.pdf},
  abstract     = {{The Cornell SRF group is working on rebuilding a 500 MHz B-cell cryomodule (CRYO-2 BB1-5) as a spared cryomodule for the operation of the CESR ring. To minimize BCS surface resistance, achieve a high quality-factor (Q₀), and increase maximum fields, we prepared the cavity’s surface with electropolishing and performed a 2/6 N2-doping. In this work, we report 4.2 K and 2 K cavity test results with detailed surface resistance analysis, showing improved performance, including significant higher fields.}},